Psychic Ireland

Tarot reading on the phone

If you are calling from Ireland now you can use our dedicated tarot phone line, a number where only the best Irish tarot readers pick up the phone, to offer a live tarot reading on the phone about love, most of all, but also about many other subjects that might be of interest to you.

1590 500 103

1590 calls cost €2.95 per minute.  SP BDC

Cards do “answer” life’s questions, but they need also someone able to interpret them and to be able to convey the best answer to the person asking for the reading. It’s not easy to become a tarot reader, it’s not enough to read some books, tarots are magic, their secrets are steeped in the darkest eras of our history, they are surrounded by many fascinated stories, but it is always the medium reader that will be able to extract some meaning out of an online card reading.

Our tarot phone readings are cheap, live and thus you can call from every Irish mobile phone, no matter the company you use.

Call today and get a first reading, talk with an experienced tarot reader and make them look into the tarots for you, try and see what the cards can tell you, but then listen also to the psychic, since they are the medium between the cards and your heart.