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Live medium readings on the phone

When you need to see more clearly in your life, when you need to understand how to find true love, when it’s time to focus on your objectives, you may want to call an Irish medium in order to get an online reading. The Irish psychic site has for mission to provide cheap phone readings with experienced mediums from Ireland, in Dublin, Cork, Derry and other Irish cities.

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1590 calls cost €2.95 per minute.  SP BDC

We want people to get a good and thorough reading with a empathetic medium, one who is able to go beyond a mere tarot reading session, someone able to give advices to a woman and to help her achieve her goals by a live readings on the phone.

Online readings in Ireland

It’s easy to get an online reading: you can just call our psychic number using your mobile, and you will be connected to an experienced Irish medium, with lots of years spent reading the tarots, foreseeing the future and helping people in their daily problems. A medium can also become your friend, and you can tell them all your secrets, all the things that you woudn’t dare to tell your friends.

Here we don’t do magic nor we promise to be infallible, we are honest about that, fortune tellers are also human being, but these people have spent all their lives listening to other people’s problems, so they have developed a skill that allow them to really fathom what is the problem in your relationship or we the man you love. So by a cheap and live medium reading you get answers about: lost love, falling in love with a new man, about cheating men, return of love. Moreover: some readers will also talk about money, fortune and changing your job or improving your career.

Tarots and expertise combined together will give you one the best medium reading in the Eire.

And we have also some mediums who speak gaelic, so you could enjoy a live telephone reading also in our national language, if you wish.

Live medium phone reading

Call now, get a live medium reading, our mediums are much more that a mere tarot card reader, they put all their selves into this art, phone mediums readings are very accurate, so you can rely on them but also you’ll be put in a position to have the tools to build your happiness into your own hands.